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Family Assistance through Community Ties

Carrie Waynick -

FACT Resource Coordinator

OUR MISSION - To provide children with a safe and supportive environment in order to optimize their learning.

OUR PURPOSE - To bring resources together from the local community to assist families.

FACT coordinates needed services, not readily available, in identified schools for students and families. All services are provided free-of-charge, and all children and their families are eligible to receive services.

To improve the learning environment of all students, and to provide a stronger circle of support for families, FACT provides high quality services in the schools.


Parent Workshops

Parents as Teachers

PACT Family Events

Referral and assistance in locating community services relating to the following:

     *   Housing

     *   Family Counseling

     *   Clothing

     *   Emergency Assistance

     *   Recreational Activities

     *   Medical

     *   And Much More

FACT programs are available at identified schools in Decatur City and Morgan County.